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Trauma-Informed, Embodied Approach to Healing.

Individual Therapy
Individual Psychotherapy

I work with adults located in California, and am currently working 100% virtually via telehealth. I offer 45-minute individual sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding services.

I use a trauma-informed, holistic, and collaborative approach to therapy, integrating the body, mind, and spirit into the healing process. I strive to meet each client where they are, tailoring treatment to each person’s unique needs. I am passionate about working with clients who are struggling with issues related to trauma, PTSD, sexual assault, stress management, anxiety, depression, sex, relationships, and communication. I am a body-positive and LGBTQ+ affirming therapist. 

EMDR Therapy
EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is an evidence-based treatment, effective in helping consumers to heal from trauma and distressing life experiences.


I was trained in EMDR therapy through the EMDR International association. I have experience in utilizing EMDR Therapy with adolescents and adults, helping them to build resiliency, reconnect to their bodies, and heal traumatic wounds. 

I often encourage clients to take an active role in their therapeutic journey, researching EMDR on their own in addition to asking me questions or sharing any concerns. is a wonderful resource for information on EMDR, and I have provided additional information in my Resource section for your review. 

I offer 45-minute EMDR sessions. Please feel free to inquire about cost at free 15-minute consultation. 

Relationships & Couple Therapy

Peter Levine, PhD, says that "Trauma is about loss of connection- to ourselves, to our bodies, to our families, and to the world around us."


I am passionate about helping clients to learn to communicate their needs assertively, set boundaries, and heal relationships with themselves and others. Working in and through relational conflict and complicated dynamics are often a part of both individual and couple therapy.

Mindfulness & Meditation

“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going inside ourselves.”-Bessel A. Van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Mindfulness is about paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement. I bring mindfulness and meditation exercises into every type of service I provide. I believe that bringing awareness to the present moment, noticing what happens in the body and the mind, facilitates deeper knowing and meaningful growing. I believe that breathing is powerful medicine, so I encourage mindfulness and meditative practices throughout my work with clients.

Trauma-Informed Yoga
Trauma-Informed Yoga

“As I often tell my students, the two most important phrases in therapy, as in yoga, are “Notice that” and “What happens next?” Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.”― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma


I believe that healing occurs through providing space to cultivate safety and connection, first to ourselves, then to others and the world around us. Trauma-Informed Yoga provides consumers with the option of exploring their bodies, cultivating safety within themselves, and learning assertive communication and boundary-setting. 

I was trained in Trauma-Informed Yoga by Zabie Yamasazki, who created Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga.


“Physical activity is the single most efficient strategy for completing the stress response cycle and recalibrating your central nervous system into a calm state. When people say, 'Exercise is good for stress,' that is for realsie real.”
― Emily Nagoski, Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

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